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About the Founder

Odds On Agency is an independent agency committed to discovering, developing, and nurturing great bands through the booking of live shows.  We represent bands who offer something unique and special, both through their music and their personalities.
Booking shows locally, as well as tours regionally and nationally, Odds On strives to get our bands on the best possible shows, in front of the best fans, and help them reach the next level in the live music world.



Beginning as a high school musician, Scott Reifman has been booking, promoting, and performing for over 20 years in Los Angeles.

With approximately 5,000 shows and 20,000 individual band bookings under his belt, Scott has extensive and intimate knowledge of all facets of the live music world: from the club and venue perspective, the agent and manager perspective, and the artist perspective. Tying all of his experiences and lessons together, Scott provides a rare advantage and insight from which his bands benefit.


About Odds On Agency